The Dogats

A completely psycho family !

The Dogats, what is it ?

This is a web-series animation created by Raphaël Voland, screened as a short film on YouTube since September 23, 2017. Soon the series will go even further with the production of the first season in financial feature films with the support of the community.



Max is a 35 year old dog, he lives with his wife Bonnie, his two children Rex, Lily and his human companion Robert

His peculiarity is to be unlucky most of the time.

He works as an accountant in a small bank in the city.



Bonnie is a 34 year old cat, she lives with her husband Max and her two children Rex and Lily.

Her particularity is to be obsessed with the idea of wanting to kill her husband. The reason for her madness is still unknown to the general public.

She’s unemployed because of an accident in the past.



Rex is an 11 year old puppy, the son of Max and Bonnie.

His particularity is to be very fearful, he is also the sufferer of his little sister Lily.

He is a student in the primary school of his village, the same school as his little sister.



Lily is an 8 year old kitten, she is the youngest of Max and Bonnie.

Her particularity is that she has a necklace that allows her to have supernatural powers. She takes the opportunity to attack her big brother Rex.

She is a primary school student in her village, the same school as her older brother.



Robert is a 6 year old human, the family’s pet.

His peculiarity is that he is very clumsy and obsessed with food.

He doesn’t do much of his day except eat, sleep and do his own thing.


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